Department of Physics and Chemistry of Solids launched April 29, 1993.

The department successfully operating:

  • Mechanics. Molecular Physics
  • Molecular physics and thermodynamics
  • Atomic and nuclear physics
  • Solid state physics and semiconductor devices
  • X-ray spectral and structural analysis
  • Technology of thin films and electron microscopy
  • Thermoelectric phenomena in semiconductors
  • Technology semiconductor thin films
  • Synthesis of thermoelectric materials
  • Metallography


There are  Doctors of Science in Department:

  • Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Jaroslav Saliy,

and 6 candidates of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (PhD in Ukraine):

  • Professor Volodymyr Prokopiv
  • Professor Lyubomyr Nykyruy
  • Professor, PhD Ihor Horichok
  • Assistant Professor Orest Voznyak
  • Assistant professor Mykhaylo Lopjanko

Graduates receive qualified Physics and Applied Physics on three levels:

  • Bachelor;
  • Master.

Postgraduate study

  • 01.04.07 – solid state physics,
  • 01.04.18 – physics and chemistry of the surface,
  • 02.00.21 – chemistry of solids;

– post-docs studies.