Experience of International Research

Prof. Lyubomyr Nykyruy and Prof. Ihor Horichok took part in advanced SEM research in the framework of H2020 EU project ESTEEM 3 on the base of the International Centre of Electron Microscopy for Material Science (AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland). The frontier device of this Center is Titan G2 60-300, unique transmission electron microscope.

STEEM3 – Enabling Science and Technology through European Electron Microscopy – is an EU funded project for electron microscopy, which aims at providing access to the leading European state-of-the-art electron microscopy research infrastructures, facilitating and extending transnational access services of the most powerful atomic scale characterization techniques in advanced electron microscopy research to a wide range of academic and industrial research communities for the analysis and engineering of novel materials in physical, chemical and biological sciences.


ESTEEM3 objective is to deliver access to users coming from a wider range of disciplines. Transnational Access (TA) to ESTEEM3 centers is obtained through a transparent, simple peer review process based on merit and scientific priorities. Optimum service to users is supported by Networking Activities (NA) and Joint Research Activities (JRA), which address key issues such as specimen preparation, data interpretation, treatment and automation through theory and simulation, and standardization of protocols and methodologies.


Directed research programs involving the academic and industrial partners of the consortium focus on the further methodology development in imaging and diffraction, spectroscopy, in-situ techniques and metrology, and on advancing applied research of materials related to ICT, energy, health, and transport for the benefit of European scientists and industry. Moreover, the definition of strategic roadmaps and open access data policies aims to ensure the long-term sustainability of the consortium. In all, ESTEEM3 establishes a strategic leadership in electron microscopy to guide future developments and promote electron microscopy to the widest research community at large.

https://www.tem.agh.edu.pl  (Head: Prof. Adam Kruk).

The most expensive and interesting is the TEM – Titan G2 60-300. Resolution less than 0.1 nm (scanning electron microscopy STEM-HAADF), micro-analysis of chemical composition of atomic resolution EDS using ChemiSTEM system, electron tomography make it one of the most advanced transmission electron microscopes in the world.

Special thanks to the staff of the International Center of Electron Microscopy for Material Science at the AGH University of Science and Technology:

Head: Prof. Adam Kruk

Dr Eng. Grzegorz Cempura,

and Dr. Kinga Zawadska, Dr. Oleksandr Kryshtal, Sebastian Lech, MSc.